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Qilin laser teaches you how to choose fiber laser cutting head
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The laser cutting head is the biggest factor affecting the cutting effect when the machine tool and laser of the fiber laser cutting machine are certain!

Using different laser cutting heads, the cutting effect is also different, so everyone does not know how to choose the most ideal laser cutting machine cutting head, then let Qilin Laser tell you which cutting head to choose to have a better cutting effectiveness:

Qilin Laser Application Technology pointed out that only by choosing an intelligent laser cutting head can the cutting efficiency be greatly improved, and laser cutting machine experts have been constantly developing and improving laser cutting machines, mainly to better meet the needs of consumers ; Therefore, the laser cutting machine has very good flexibility, especially the interface between the laser cutting machine and the workpiece and the machine; and the laser cutting machine in the laser cutting machine industry has different types, specifications and shapes. Therefore, it is widely used in various industries and is deeply loved by consumers.

The cutting head of the selected fiber laser cutting machine is mainly based on its cutting accuracy, and the flexibility of the laser cutting machine is also very important, because the flexibility is better, the cutting efficiency will be higher, so the selected cutting head Is the key point; multiple sensors can ensure the cutting quality, even when processing the surface of the coated workpiece; and if you want to have a better cutting efficiency, then the sensor and the cutting head are perfectly combined, and the benefits are great Reduce the processing time and make cutting more safe and reliable; however, the non-contact sensor system allows the laser cutting machine to have a very good cutting effect, so it is widely used in various industries.

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