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What brand of laser welding torch is good, and how to choose a laser welding torch head?
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At present, there are many kinds of laser welding gun brands on the market, what brand of laser welding gun is good, how to choose laser welding gun is a hot topic of concern! Laser welding technology, as one of the cores of modern manufacturing, not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures high quality standards of products. As an indispensable part of laser welding system, the performance of laser welding gun head directly affects the welding quality and efficiency. The presence of many brands in the market makes the choice both rich and complex. For this reason, the brand of laser welding gun head is sorted out today, hoping to provide you with a reference when choosing the right laser welding gun head.

Fish scale texture produced by laser welding workpiece

Today first take you to explore the laser welding gun head brand "Qilin laser".

brand introduction

Guangdong Qilin: With its excellent product performance and stable work efficiency, it is well-known in the field of laser welding gun head. Its products are widely welcomed by the industry for their beautiful weld marks, long-lasting welding, and easy operation. Qilin Laser has gathered a team of more than 100 people to concentrate on researching laser welding through continuous innovation and exploration, breaking technical blind spots time and time again, and developing new applications again and again, making more technical problems no longer myths.

Qilin laser welding head brand development process one

Company location

Building 8, Fanmao Industrial Park, Shuiyin Road,Shenzhen, 

ChinaBuilding E1, Songshan Lake Intelligent Valley, Yanhebei Road No. 9.iaobu Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong China

Guangdong Qilin Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of about 10,000 square meters; it is an enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of laser applications. It has Qilin Laser Application, Qilin Software, three subsidiaries of Jinlitian Precision. It has brought together a team of technical experts and engineers in the industry to enable the company to continue to grow and develop with advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and strict management. Under the leadership of an elite team, it is committed to promoting the development of the cutting edge of laser technology! The accuracy, stability and reliability of the products rank among the best in the country, and the proportion of independent research and development ranks first in the list.

Qilin laser welding joint brand development history 2

For more than ten years, Qilin has been known for its excellent craftsmanship and forward-looking innovation, raising laser technology to a new level. Its products have gradually expanded from laser cutting and laser welding upgrades to multiple fields, and independently developed advanced handheld laser welding solutions. , automated welding solutions, robot welding special system solutions, etc! Qilin double-pendulum fish scale welding has promoted the development of the laser welding industry! Cooperating customers are mainly located in China, Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam, Spain, Poland, India, Iran etc. With satisfactory quality and service, we have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad, and have established long-term business relationships and become good partners.

While Qilin Laser provides customers with global support and services, it also pays more attention to the professionalism of each employee. Qilin has profound professional knowledge of laser technology and rich experience, and can provide customers with professional consultation and services, provide personalized solutions according to customer needs, and ensure better laser application effects. Compared with traditional welding, Qilin laser handheld welding greatly reduces labor training costs and has been rapidly recognized by the market since its inception.

Qilin laser welding joint brand development history three

P.S.When all new and old customers, as well as fans and friends who are concerned about Kirin Laser, are choosing laser welding gun head, it is important to remember to comprehensively consider factors such as performance, stability, applicable fields, and after-sales service.

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