Industrial welding head

Vertical Optical Path Welding Head

Vertical Optical Path Welding Head

英文名称:Vertical Optical Path Welding Head

●带同轴吹气装置焊接头,可有效保证焊缝光亮美观 。
●模块化设计,可实现简便快速组装,优化光学设计,水冷,双重密封,更持久,更稳定 。
●防尘保护镜片,抽屉式安装,镜片承载功率2000W 。

Product introduction

image.pngThe welding joint with coaxial blowing device can effectively ensure the bright and beautiful weld.

Modular design can realize simple and rapid assembly.

Dust proof protective lens, drawer type installation.

The lens can carry 2000W power.

It can be adapted to various fiber lasers.

Optimized optical design, water cooling, sealing, more lasting and more stable.

Multiple seals, long-term use, internal lens stability.


Technical parameter

接口类型 (Interface ):QBH/RD

聚焦焦距 (Focusing Length ):200mm 


通光孔径 (Optical Aperture ):15mm 

准直焦距(Collimating Length ):100mm

整体重量 (Weight ):4.7KG

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