Double pendulum hand welding gun-BWT15 Double pendulum hand welding gun-BWT15

Double pendulum hand welding gun-BWT15

Product introduction


A powerful hand-held welding joint, which can realize a variety of light output modes such as point, line, circle, triangle, 8-character and so on.

Lightweight and flexible, the grip design conforms to ergonomics.

The protective lens is easy to replace.

High quality optical lens, can carry 2000W power.

Scientific cooling system design can effectively control the working temperature of the product.

Good sealing performance, which can significantly improve the service life of the product.


Technical parameter

接口类型(interface type):QBH

聚焦焦距(Focus focal length):120/150

激光功率(Laser power):2000W

可调幅面(Adjustable width):0-- 5mm

准直焦距(Collimating focal length):50/75

整体质量(Overall quality):1KG

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