Cutting Head

Digital Focusing Cutting Head Digital Focusing Cutting Head

Digital Focusing Cutting Head

英文名称:Digital Focusing Cutting Head


Product introduction

Electric adjustment, convenient and fast

Digital display, easy identification and data memory

Protective lens, drawer type installation, easy replacement

D30 or D38 composite lens, maximum bearing power 3000W

Optimized optical design, water cooling, sealing, more lasting and more stable

It can be adapted to various fiber lasers


Technical parameter


准直焦距(Collimating Length ):F75

聚焦焦距 (Focusing Length ):F100/125/150

调焦范围 (Focusing Range ):+8/-4

水平调节 (Collimating Focal Length ):±1.5

通光孔径 (Optical Aperture ):25mm

气压强度 (Pressure Intensity ):29Bar(最大MAX)

整体重量 (Weight ):5KG

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