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Market status
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Although the development of my country's laser industry is a preliminary development, it has achieved a leap in development under the leadership of international science and technology, and has a higher level of excellence than the same quality. In terms of laser cutting machines, the market demand is as high as tens of millions, adding new vitality to the vast market. Since the birth and application of the first laser equipment in the 1960s, many experts in our country have worked hard in the laser industry and have reached a slight international difference. At the same time as the development of the laser industry, complete sets of laser industrial equipment have also entered the production market, getting rid of the long-term dependence on foreign countries and solving the embarrassing situation of the domestic laser industry.

The rapid development of the domestic economy has become a high-industry pillar of the laser market, and can reach an annual growth rate of more than 20%, becoming a new starting point for the global laser market. According to expert predictions, the domestic laser market is still in a rapid growth stage. In the future, it can be doubled to expand the market of laser cutting equipment to the largest extent, fill the domestic gap, and get rid of domestic high-end laser equipment from the trapped state, and become the pillar of the world. At present, the domestic laser industry is mainly concentrated in Shenzhen and Wuhan. Among them, Shenzhen is an important domestic sales market, and with many years of development experience, it leads other regions.

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